Gabon – Season 2019: Week 3

Sette Cama continued where it had left off with our departing guests, greeting our new arrivals with torrential rain. Rain, rain and more rain was the theme of the week. I’m not sure our American guests, hailing from New Mexico, had ever seen so much rain in their lives. With the River rising fast, flushing out scores of baitfish, and the tides shifting back to springs, the estuary fishing was firing on all cylinders. Most morning sessions saw between 15 to 20 fish brought to hand on each boat, with double ups on the jacks becoming the norm. There were some fantastic fish taken off the lagoon with the change in the estuarine conditions, most notably  Helen Nave’s 15 kg jack, a real specimen of a fish. However both Gregg Budd and Chris Aitchinson’s tally of snapper can’t be overlooked, with the pair landing around 25 each for the trip, most of which were taken on Greg’s own line of lures.

With the rapidly changing sands on the north bank, the fishing returned to the south bank, where several big fish were hooked and lost, with one or two strange catches popping up- David currie landing a massive 30kg soft shell terrapin. The group got stuck into the tarpon, with several throwing the hook, or getting right at the beach, but both Mike Currie and Steve Nave successfully ran the gauntlet of sharks, both men landing beautiful tarpon of around 40kg each. Steve capped off a fantastic trip on his final night, by landing a giant 150kg Zambezi shark, and in doing so ticking all the boxes for his Sette Cama slam. Congratulations Steve, we’re eagerly waiting to  see if you can pull it off again on the next trip!

à bientôt