Gabon Report Back – 7 to 16 March 2017

Week 3 of the 2017 season we were joined by a group from the UK plus one South African guest. Unfortunately for the new guests in camp, the good fishing in the surf slowed down dramatically compared to the the previous week. We’ve not had rain for almost two weeks now, which is very unusual for the peak of the wet season. The lack of a strong

flow out to sea has changed the river mouth quite dramatically and left us with a unfavourable formation of really big shallow sandbars along with warm water along the coast.

None the less, we changed our strategy accordingly and still managed to land some really nice fish off the

boat. Tarpon, giant african threadfin, cubera snapper to name just a few. Andy Hales got destroyed by a really large tarpon on the third evening that left him with a really hot and completely empty spool. BUT he managed to turn the tables however and landed a very nice poon later that same evening

Despite the mini drought, the lagoon has still been fishing really well. Big shoals of long fin jacks have entered the system and they have kept everyone really entertained. I don’t think one realises how intense the fishing in the lagoon can be at times. Baitfish spraying all over the place, shoals and shoals of jacks exploding on baitfish and lures. A real spectacle! But more on theat later though as the new group is about to arrive and I still have to finish a couple more things.
Oh and don’t forget to watch the video report at the end of this photo essay ?
Till next week


Mark Murray