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Gabon Fishing

Gabon Fishing

Gabon Fishing – The two weeks over Christmas and New Year at Sette Cama in Gabon were a mix of ups and downs for the fishing guides and guests.

Festive affair at Sette Cama

In Week 1, the festive season was made more special with the presence of family and old friends. However, the lack of rain and the enormous sea made it difficult to find fish during the first few days. Despite the challenging conditions, the estuary eventually started to come alive with Threadfin and Kob, and the guides’ perseverance paid off with a rewarding end to the week.

Abundance of Rain Brings Memorable Catches: New Year at Sette Cama in Gabon

Week 2 saw a dramatic change in weather, with an abundance of rain that saturated the catchment. Though the water took a few days to work through the catchment, it brought an abundance of bait, which typically drives some of the best weeks of fishing at Sette Cama. The mornings were spent fishing the lagoon, where jacks and snapper in the mangrove banks provided great success. The evenings on the north shore sand points were where the real excitement was, with fantastic catches of tarpon, jack crevalle, and Cuberra snapper, as well as some spectacular surface threadfin fishing towards the end of the week. Despite the constant rain, the guests rang in the new year with some truly impressive catches, making the week memorable.

Gabon Fishing

The remote fishing camp of Sette Cama in Gabon provided a memorable mix of challenges and rewards for fishing guides and guests over the festive period. Persevering through tough fishing conditions, experiencing the excitement of catching some truly remarkable fish, and celebrating the season with family and friends were all part of the unique and unforgettable experience offered by this hidden gem in Africa.

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