Gabon 2019 – Week 1

After a long travel, we finally arrived at the Sette Cama for the first week of the 2019 Gabon season.

Once everyone was settled in and enjoyed a nice lunch out on the veranda, we prepped for the long awaited first evening session. Prior to our arrival there had been some good rain and the

lagoon water was a dark tea stained colour flowing strongly out to sea, making the surrounding surf discoloured as well. This could only mean one thing, threadfin!

Rigged with sinking stickbaits, we made our way quietly along the high tide mark past a group of forest elephants which were feeding in the coastal vegetation. Luckily the wind was in our favour and they were totally oblivious to the humans invading their domain.

Drags set, the guests started casting across the current and slowly working the lures just off the bottom. It did not take long until the sound of a 14000 Shimano Stella was straining in the darkness. This session ended up producing a number of magnificent giant African threadfin and set the tone for the week ahead. The biggest fish of this session pushing well over the 30kg mark

The remainder of the week was dominated by giant African threadfin wrecking havoc each session. In between them the team still managed some nice jacks, both longfin and crevalle, as well as some cuberra snapper and guinea barracuda.

The lagoon, as expected at this time of year started producing some great sessions targeting large jacks on top water.

Unfortunately, we did not manage to land any tarpon, despite hooking into some great specimens on numerous occasions. They are incredibly hard to land when you fish for them in the surf as there is just too many variables and on this week the variables were against us. I guess that what makes you come back for them

Weather forecasts are looking good for the coming days and the fishing should be interesting!

Till next week