Fly Fishing and the Makhangoa Community

We could tell you all about the R600K plus that fly fishing tourism has brought into the Makhangoa Community over the last 18 months.

We could tell you about the skills development programs, village employment roster, conservation initiatives, and river rangers project that bring long term and sustainable benefits to the Makhangoa Community and the environment.

We could tell you about how the village water delivery project, the school stationary drives, the Wonderbag efficient cooking program, and the Bokong footbridge project (helping the tiny tots get to school now even when the river is flooding) are helping to improve quality of life for Makhangoa residents.

But words are cheap, number and figures belong in the board room, and ‘look-at-me-do-good’ pictures are overshared and undervalued.

Watching 4 young boys play-play fly fishing with their home made fly rods, twine lines, and tags-of-sheep-wool flies on a sunny Saturday morning is a tribute to how fly fishing has become an integral part of the Makhangoa Community. A testament to the value fly fishing provides the residents. Here’s to many more projects where they are needed most.