Fishing in Loango – Landing the Holy Grail Bullshark in Sette Cama / *delayed post*

fishing in Loango

Fishing in Loango

Fishing in Loango – Week 4 brought a good mix of experienced Sette Cama fishermen, as well as a few new faces. Coming off the back of a tough week, expectations were tempered somewhat for all but one angler.

The Quest for a Bullshark: One Angler’s Personal Best fishing in Loango

The stories of the previous week’s taxman bonanza were music to one angler’s ears, as he had returned to Sette Cama to settle a previous trip’s vendetta with a big Bullshark. He can happily cross off his bucket list as, on day 4, he landed his personal best and holy grail Bullshark of over 300kg and over 3m fork length.

Improved Fishing: Senegalese Kob and Threadfin

As the week progressed, the fishing improved with a lot of Senegalese Kob and larger threadfin moving into the system, keeping everyone on their toes. However, the larger snapper and tarpon that were seen in previous weeks were largely missing. That is until the last few evenings when they made a dramatic reappearance.

Missing Snapper and Tarpon Resurgence

Several Tarpon encounters resulted in broken leaders, straightened hooks, and empty spools, and the snapper made mincemeat of the angler’s shadraps.

Overall, it proved to be another fantastic week in paradise with some breathtaking sunsets to remind us of just how special this place can be.

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Side Bar: Bull Shark

Bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) are an interesting varieties of shark that are discovered in cozy, shallow waters all over the globe. They are recognized for their hostile nature and are considered to be one of the most hazardous types of sharks to people. Bull sharks get their name from their stocky, bull-like build and also their candid snouts. They are normally gray or brown in shade, and also can mature to 3meters / 280kg +.

Bull sharks are also special amongst shark species in that they are able to endure in freshwater environments, as well as have been understood to swim up rivers and also into lakes. This versatility has made them an awesome predator in both aquatic and also fresh water environments. Despite their track record as man-eaters, bull sharks are an integral part of lots of water ecosystems, playing a vital role in controling the populations of other fish species.


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