Fishing Guides – what we get up to on days off from guiding!

Fishing Guides

Fishing Guides

“One may wonder what it is we get up too during the non clients weeks to keep busy. We were left with strict instructions from the Boss to use the time wisely to create content, keep busy and to lastly, stay off the water! So naturally we interpreted this and did exactly that…” – Our fishing guides team in Cameroon

Some more info about this fishery where the fishing guides in this video are based.

We have been searching for a suitable Nile perch fly fishing fishery for almost a decade. In January 2018 we led the first of two exploratory trips to what we consider to be one of the last remaining, ecologically intact, Sahelo-Sudanian ecosystems/ West African savannah habitats habitats – through which the Faro River flows. The discovery and subsequent collaborations that we have established with key concession owners, Dr Koen Maes and Xavier Vannier, encompassing a geographically special 120km section of Faro River, bordering the Faro National Park, allows us to offer a world class and unique fly fishing product to adventurous anglers. The combination of pristine riverine and terrestrial ecosystems make this area one of the last relatively untransformed representations of Sahelo-Sudanian ecosystems/ West African savannah habitats left on the planet. The Faro Fly Fishing product is now adding incredible value to the area by helping to ensure sustainable and well-managed fly fishing is able to contribute significant funds towards conservation, anti-poaching strategies in the area and building towards the long-term goal to facilitate and coordinate a unified and all-encompassing Faro River Basin conservation plan. The commencement of the revitalisation of the Cameroonian-registered NGO, the Faro Conservation Association (AFC) in 2019 is one of the first steps to achieving this goal.

If you would like to fish for nile perch, along with these great bunch of guys, click here to get in touch 🙂


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