First couple days of chasing poons in Coast Rica. Some tough sessions, but things are looking up.

I’m sitting enjoying a cold Imperial Beer, one of Costa Rica’s finest lagers and it is GOOD. For the past two days we have really struggled, but finally it all came together this afternoon making this cold beer taste all the sweeter. In short, during the afternoon session between the 4 boats we jumped upwards of 16 fish as well as boating 2 tarpon and a number of good sized jacks. It was session of large schools of poons smashing baitballs on the surface. A adrenaline filled couple of hours, including some experiences that will stay with us for many years to come.

The two days leading up to this session have been the polar opposite, the weather has been up and down, leading to a sea that has been choppy with very little signs of tarpon. For these first few sessions we really toiled, and on occasions we would go for an hour or so without even seeing a tarpon roll.

The upside of these tough sessions was it showed the real grit of the guys in this group, as everyone stuck to their guns, focused , and fished hard through these tough sessions. As hard as they were, we still managed to get a couple good fish it the boat, most notably a fish of roughly 150lb landed by Karl.

With this afternoons session under the belt, the forecast looking good, the beers cold, the tarpon starting to feed, we should be in for some really exciting fishing these next few days. I am sure the report I put up tomorrow will be pretty exciting, so watch this space.