Finesse Jig Fishing – Third Time Lucky in the Ndogo Lagoon

Finesse Jog Fishing

Finesse Jig Fishing

The Finesse Jig Fishing / Micro Jig escapades in the Ndogo Lagoon continue to impart valuable lessons to both clients and guides. Each venture into the lagoon promises fresh insights into the best spots, tactics, and the elusive fish that inhabit its depths. On the final day of their week, Brian and Mark decided on an upper lagoon session, armed with their micro jigs. As we prepared for the drift, it became immediately apparent that we were in the company of sizable fish.

A Thrilling Snapper Duel in Ndogo Lagoon

In no time, a hefty snapper was on the line, engaging us in a spirited struggle before slipping away, leaving us with naught but a slack line. The absence of jig and leader signaled that the snapper had sought refuge in the labyrinthine recesses of the deep structure, severing the line above the fluorocarbon leader. Without a moment’s delay, we lengthened our leaders and resumed the pursuit. A few casts later, both Mark and Brian found themselves in a thrilling dual encounter with snappers. A deft maneuvering dance ensued, ensuring no tangled lines, but Brian’s line met the same fate as before, frustratingly going slack. This time, even the extended leader proved futile. Fortunately, Mark’s quarry held fast.

A Spectacular Finish at Ndogo Lagoon

A formidable battle ensued, culminating in the triumphant landing of a stunning brown snapper, boasting a weighty 11-12 kg range. It was a sight to behold, a fitting finale to another splendid session fishing the waters of the Ndogo Lagoon.

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