Faro River 100 pounders club!

Words from the angler: It being my second time fishing the Faro myself, I would be lying if I said I didn’t want a ‘big one’.

With my wounds still very fresh from a mystery sized fish that I had hooked further upstream a little earlier in the season. I was completely overwhelmed when we managed to get this behemoth to the shore. Once there, the sheer scale and magnitude of the fish started to sink in.

If you break it down, Fishing in a relatively small river with a 12 wt at night in a remote area of dangerous game territory in northern Cameroon, it all just sounds quite ridiculous and hard to believe, and without sounding like a miss universe contestant, I just feel truly privileged to be lucky enough to have fished this amazing place and to have landed such an incredible fish.

Angler: Stuart Harley
Length: 151cm
Girth: 102cm
Weight: 119,5LB
Tackle: ECHO EPR 12wt, Shilton SL7, Scientific Anglers 450grain SONAR sink
0.8mm double x hard fluorocarbon
Fly: Faro Peanut (tan/ red/ white)