Bokong River – Trouble at Danny DeVitos + a new member to the 60cm club!


Bokong River

Week 6 started off with a medium to high Bokong river running clean and cold. Don and Phil continued their stay with us as new clients filled up camp once more. Phillip Gibson and Fritz Voster joined us from the Cape, Mike and Angela Bader from Mpumalanga, Wills Burger and Gavin Jones, Charles Von Der Menden from Durban, and Matt Ardain and his team from KZN.

Triploid Trouble at Donny DeVitos on the Bokong river

As the first day of fishing commenced for our second week in camp. The Bokong river ran cold and clean. Typical for these conditions, Yellows often keep their heads down and will only be tempted by the occasional nymph. Plans for the day were discussed around a coffee in the morning. The  guides decided it would be best that two groups would fish off the oar rigs on the dam, and the remaining guests and guides would try for trout in the cold clean water below camp. As the fishing commenced it became clear that it would be a testing morning. In an attempt to try something different, Myself (Chris) and Don discussed a different tactic and decided to throw droppers through the shallow secondary channel draining water from home pool. As Don got into position I looked towards the bottom of the rapid to see a sight that appeared too good to be true. In the clear water, numerous triploid and wild rainbow trout in the 2-5 pound range, cruising and readily taking prey getting washed down the small rapid. Dry flies were quickly swapped out for a sink tip and large trout streamers. What followed can only  be described as follows – a hiding. With 4x being the heaviest tippet available for dry fly fishing in Don’s bag, 6 out of the 10 hooked trout in the session became responsible for snap ups. A beautiful wild river trout in the region of 2.5 pounds was the biggest fish landed of the morning as numerous larger specimens were sadly lost in fast runs and jumps. A good story was to be had though as myself and Don recalled numerous sight fished trout with countless chases right to the waters’ edge below our feet. The then nameless spot, is now known as Donny DeVito’s, in recognition of the session.

Day 2 – high and dry

Up river was the call for day 2 as clients and guides geared up and had coffee in the morning. With the river still slightly high, but clean, droppers were duly tied onto guests lines. Numerous fish were caught throughout the morning, with some also tempted to the dry. A brief lunch break in the shade of a willow tree brought proceedings to a pause as clients enjoyed crisp Maluti beers – renamed Lamutis by Fritz for their medicinal properties. In the afternoon, a sun baked river was now a few degrees warmer. Special mention to Charles, who under the guidance of James really nailed it on dry! Numerous fish, and plenty more eats were had as Charles landed a number of fish in the high 50cm range. A couple of eats even occurring at Charle’s feet whilst looking for fish in the river. The walk home brought another fantastic day to a conclusion.

Keeping it close to home

Day 3 called for fishing closer to home to spare tired legs. The day provided some classic conditions with even more classic fishing with every client coming right on dry with numerous yellows. Charles sadly came to the end of his stay as we said our goodbyes and he undertook the long ride back to Durban on his motorbike! Mike and Angela Bader duly followed Charles as they filled up the remaining space in camp later that afternoon. Missing their son terribly (guide James) the trip was well worth it! In the water below camp, the fishing continued to impress. The day concluded with very happy guests and good stories around the dinner table!

Up the Bokong river once more

Day four and takkies and boots were laced up for the walk up river once more. The day proved challenging as technical conditions were had by all. Matt Ardain and he’s team were now in camp with us and also joined us for the walk up river. Greg, part of a Matt’s crew, kickstarted the action in tough conditions with an impressive fish of 58cm on dry. Regardless of the challenging conditions, plenty fish by normal standards were still landed as a breathless and sun spilt day was enjoyed by all.

Final day – plus a new member for the 60cm club!

The final day of the week was spent fishing the water between camp and the village. Mark Goosen kickstarted off the morning with a hat-trick of snap offs, much to the amusement of his brother Greg watching on the bank! Not to worry however, as Mark duly changed tune and impressed with his angling for the remainder of the day bringing multiple fish to the net on dry fly! Greg, Alexi and Matt also enjoyed the action and got stuck into good fish on dry fly. Further down river, Phil and Fritz enjoyed their last day in the Lesotho Mountains by enticing numerous yellows to dry. As lunch was had in camp – everyone was in an ecstatic mood. The afternoon produced much of the same, conditions and fishing wise. Down at Salad Bar – which is quickly gaining a reputation – Angela Bader closed off the week with yet another addition to the 60cm club board, bringing a 61cm yellow to the net, becoming our First Lady on the board for the season! Well done Ang!

Another fantastic week in the mountains. Click here if you would like to join.

Cheers from all at the MCC

Chris, Kyle, Angus and James


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